About me

Software engineer with 12 years experience. Worked on web apps (full stack), desktop (Windows), mobile (Android & iOS with React Native & Flutter) and backend tooling. Interested in the software side of biotech. I’m currently looking for new opportunities, so feel free to reach out if you’re hiring.

Currently based in The Netherlands, looking to move to Canada (preferably Vancouver). Open to in-office in Vancouver or remote work in Canada. Need visa sponsorship.

Experienced in

  • C# (.Net & .Net Core)
  • Typescript (& JavaScript/ES6)
  • C++
  • React, MobX, Immutable.js, Webpack
  • GraphQL, REST
  • MS SQL Server, Postgres
  • Azure, AWS, GCP, Docker
  • Git, SVN, Jira, Pivotal Tracker, GitHub, Bitbucket, TeamCity
  • Windows, Excel, Word
  • ASP.Net, Entity Framework

Some experience in

  • Python, Java, Node.js
  • Dart & Flutter for iOS & Android
  • d3, Victory Charts
  • CUDA
  • k8s, Linux, Bash


Drive Revenue

Full accounting & practice management system for lawyers. Initially built solo, before scaling up a team that I leg to continue development. Backend is C# with Entity Framework & SQL Server. Front end is React, Typescript & MobX, built with Webpack. I am transitioning the backend to use DDD architecture to better express all the rules inherent in the system.


C# SQL DSL - write SQL queries in C#. The aim is to be something akin to Dapper (in terms of speed and simplicity), but without using strings for the query.

GraphQL Server

A GraphQL backend server written in C# which through it’s integration with Roscoe, converts GraphQL queries into SQL queries. Full custom parser for the GraphQL language & most features implemented.

GPU Sequence alignment

Worked on creating a sequence aligner (Needleman–Wunsch) that ran on GPUs. At the time I was interested in allowing the user to specify arbitrary-length gap functions. I worked on this prior to the Fast Optimal Global Sequence Alignment Algorithm (FOGSAA) algorithm becoming available.

Loans Management System

Maintained a loans management system professionally where I added new features, mostly on the API integration side for the website. The system was a desktop app for the call centre and a web API for the website to facilitate the initiation of new loans. While there, the features I added increased company revenue by $10k+ per month.

Insurance Broker System

Built a new insurance broker system for a high end insurer. The project was Silverlight-based with WCF communication to a C# backend with a custom accounting system. We followed a strict DDD architectural design which meant very few bugs were introduced.

Personal Finance System

Built a personal finance system to manage my finances. Backend in C# & Postgres with GraphQL & React on the frontend.

Team Performance Monitoring System

Built a dashboard from Jira data to monitor team performance & analyze estimation accuracy. C# backend with background services to sync Jira data, React & Victory Charts on the frontend to display the data.

Comic Book Writing Tool

Built a tool to convert a screenplay-like text format into PDF pages for a comic book to hand over to an artist. C# command line tool.